The average person sits in traffic for over 40 hours a year. As someone who lives in LA it often feels like I accomplish that milestone in a week. 

While many people may fill that waiting time with podcasts or listening to the radio from an entrepreneurial standpoint I wonder what can be done to harnass all that collective brain power that is sitting there being wasted. 

The same thought could be applied to all those people who are standing in a cue at an amusement park, or movie theatre or anywhere with long lines that cause us to pass the time. Instead of filing them through like cattle and trying to keep them entertained with advertisements to buy products is there a technology or resource that could be harnessed to focus their attention on something else besides waiting that helps the greater good?

Are there questions we can ask? Are there measurements we can take? What problems could be solved by all those people just waiting? Is there a technology that could be developed to utilize a nearly captive audience?

Something to think about…


Atta Boy

We’ve all seen it or experienced it, the moment when we put our back to a wall and someone places a ruler on our head and makes a mark indicating our height. 

When you’re a kid this usually happens once a year and if you have friends or siblings you get to see how you measure up to the peers in your life. Are you taller than your brother? Did your friend Tommy have a growth spurt? We all want to be the tallest marker on the wall. We want to hear that ‘atta boy’ when we show progress in our growth. 

Staying the same or watching others pass us by is not a good feeling. It begins to be reinforced in us that height is good and our progress isn’t good enough. 
These feelings of inadaquecy carry into the rest of our lives. We got a B+ after studying hard but someone else got an A and we feel like a failure. If we work just a few more hours at our jobs we can get a little more money to make us feel more secure or happy. Whatever emotional high it is we’re chasing. 

True internal peace comes when you no longer chase after the atta boys and seek to get the approval of others on your accomplishments. You just do things the best you can and you don’t tie your value to your peformance. 

When Jesus is getting baptised in the river and God speaks out and says “this is my son, I’m pleased with him.” Its not at the end of his ministry after he’s done everything, but at the beginning before he’s done anything that God speaks this over him for all to hear. God is saying, I value him and its not based on his effort but on who he is inside. 

The great lie in society is that in order to have value you must do something that matters. The great truth that counters that lie is that your value comes from within. You are enough. God already finds pleasure in your existence. So take a deep breath and rest.