The average person sits in traffic for over 40 hours a year. As someone who lives in LA it often feels like I accomplish that milestone in a week. 

While many people may fill that waiting time with podcasts or listening to the radio from an entrepreneurial standpoint I wonder what can be done to harnass all that collective brain power that is sitting there being wasted. 

The same thought could be applied to all those people who are standing in a cue at an amusement park, or movie theatre or anywhere with long lines that cause us to pass the time. Instead of filing them through like cattle and trying to keep them entertained with advertisements to buy products is there a technology or resource that could be harnessed to focus their attention on something else besides waiting that helps the greater good?

Are there questions we can ask? Are there measurements we can take? What problems could be solved by all those people just waiting? Is there a technology that could be developed to utilize a nearly captive audience?

Something to think about…


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