Hi, I’m Ryan.  I’m a filmmaker and producer based in Los Angeles.  I’ve lived a pretty unorthodox life through the years. I’ve gone through several career pivots that have led me to being a composer and arranger to entrepreneur to filmmaker.

I’m notorious for being the guy in every conversation that asks ‘why’.  Why are we doing this? Why does this matter?  Is there a better way to do it or does it really serve any purpose?

I started The Venturous Life blog as a place to share my ‘why’ questions as well as thoughts on creativity and art and to connect with others who are on similar curiosity journeys. In 2016,  my family (wife and five kids) and I sold everything, moved from Seattle, and hit the road looking for a new adventure.  We settled in California and have been enjoying the sunshine and friendships that keep happening at every turn.

My biggest joy is discovering new things so I’m always experimenting and seeing what’s out there I haven’t tried yet.  I’m currently publishing several books and more music and appreciate you checking out this blog.  Why am I doing this?  Because I need to see what else is around the bend.  Care to join me on this journey?